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RapidLeech PlugMod (eqbal) rev. 42 Final

RapidLeech PlugMod (eqbal) rev. 42 Final


Rapidleech PlugMod (by eqbal) /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\ Rev. 41 - 28 June 2009 [PLUGIN] Added some newly made plugins (Baking, kaox) [SECURITY] Replaced megaupload download plugin for password protected files, to prevent premium cookie leak (thanhquanky) [FIX] Not sure if it will increase speed, but definately updated http.php for socket connections [FIX] Remove the var_dump in the plugin. [SECURITY] Prevented same host leeching with bw_save = false [BUG] Fixed forward slash shown in link list. [BUG] Fixed list links showing links that are url encoded. [FIX] Possible fix for mass submit problem with email [FIX] Fixed a problem with the mail function. [PLUGIN] Added Supernova member upload plugin (kaox) [FIX] Merged filefactory free fix (mrbrownee) with premium options pluin [FIX] Fixed Megavideo upload plugin (minor GetCookies problem) [FEATURE] Choose between Youtube formats (&fmt=18 or 34, more to follow) [FIX] Updated youtube_com.php download plugin for new selector, and set &fmt=18 back to the default HQ method; also some minor edits to main.php needed [FIX] Updated hotfile_com.php (kaox), for member upload, and renamed turboupload free to turboupload.com_free.php [PLUGIN] Added member upload plugin [REMOVED] Deleted died hosts plugins. [FIX] Edited to megavideo_com.php to meet plugin specifications. [FIX] Fixed a problem where the bar for CPU load and hard drive space are not shown. [FIX] Removed improper entry from options/.htaccess. [FIX #0000041] Fixed server info not display in page in classes/.htaccess thanks to capitanonemo [FEATURE] Added link list feature. [FIX] Fixed filefactory_com.php premium download plugin. Will now also work with setting a premium (FileFactory) account under Settings Tab. [FIX] Fixed autoupload opened window is less than entered. [FEATURE] Now able to preview files and folders inside zip files before unzipping them [FEATURE] Removed the add directory option when zipping files [BUG] Fixed adding non-existent zip file when creation of zip file failed [BUG] Fixed adding extra entry when zip file already present. [FIX #0000037] Fixed zip features make zip file in "rapidleech" directory not in "files" directory [PLUGIN] Added member upload plugin [FIX] Fixed filefactory.com_member upload plugin [PLUGIN] Added in several of kaox's plugins and replaced some older versions with new [FIX] Fixed unable to pack files. [FIX] Fixed a js.php problem where it wasn't allowed because of missing directive in classes/.htaccess [FIX #0000014] Reimplemented fix when autoupload not sending correct file name to upload.php on files with special characters in name Thanks to DanielX_x [FIX] Fixed a typo error in autoupload error message. [FIX] Fixed youtube_com.php download plugin for getting HQ downloads (untested for all original file formats) [PLUGIN] Added member upload plugin (kaox) [SECURITY] Added .htaccess files to each directory (also added index.html files for extra security), and added comment about using checker.php to root .htaccess [FIX] Fixed existing index.html files' paths to RL logo [FIX #0000033] Fixed file size not displayed after merging a file without crc Thanks to DanielX_x [FIX] Fixed unable to use premium account when auto download in server-side. [FIX] Fixed unable to split files. Rev. 40 - 06/12/2009 [FEATURE] Added server side auto download capability. [CHANGE] Removed the

tag when files aren't present and made some html corrections thanks to DanielX_x [FIX #0000031] Fixed bytesToKbOrMbOrGb gives warning when filesize is 0 (Reported by DanielX_x) [FIX] Fixed most of the plugin so that it will work with the new auto transload system. [CHANGE] The way depositfiles and easyshare premium plugin created was quite incorrect, it should be together with the free user plugin and be able to accept premium details from $_POST and in config.php [FIX] Added a missing configuration parameter [FIX] Fixed rapidshare plugin problem when auto transload [FIX] Fixed unable to use premium account in auto transload. [FIX] Fixed netload premium download plugin [BUG] Fixed a bug which was fixed previously actually but just replaced by the new version of auto upload. [CHANGE] Moved download plugin files into separate download/ folder in hosts/ directory [FEATURE] Updated to latest auto upload script. [SECURITY] up a hole which was reported by BKiS long ago and should have been fixed but wasn't include in the previous release. Rev. 39b - 06/10/2009 [CHANGE] Edited most $Array[String] to $Array["String"] which should improve speed a little [CHANGE] Separated options' actions to make it easier to manage. [FIX] Fixed 'call-time pass-by-reference has been deprecated' warnings. [CHANGE] Removed upload plugin on request Rev. 39 - 06/08/2009 [FIX] Added more information on error when page is not found or forbidden. [CHANGE] Editted javascript so that the download progress will be displayed in front on titlebar so that you can see it even if you open a lot of tabs. [FIX] Fixed the split/merge option. Thanks to DanielX_x! [CHANGE] Rewrote get header function [CHANGE] Rewrote formpostdata function [CHANGE] GetCookies function will only get cookie name and its value [CHANGE] Rewrote bytesToKbOrMbOrGb function so that it can actually format to Yotabytes, and it's shorter too [FEATURE] Will check configs/files.lst and download directory chmod now [CHANGE] Made some documentation in http.php [SECURITY] Fixed a security exploit with merge/split - thanks to DanielX_x [FEATURE] Implemented doum's auto download [FIX] Fixed auto download not starting due to javascript problem [FIX #0000027] Fixed a javascript problem which cause the clearsettings cookie not being set [FIX #0000028] fixed bug in .htaccess that allowed running maliciously named php files [CHANGE] edited hosts/rapidshare_com.php to allow usage of the premium details which can be set via the settings tab [CHANGE] Removed .JD files which existed for unknown reasons [BUG] Upload is now working ok and most of the [FIX] Fixed netload premium plugin. +lots of latest plugins integrated +old theme returned, as black background is too dark, some minor css changes needed Rev. 38 - 05/09/2009 +lots of plugins updated, including premium features +new GetCookies() function (should be faster) +AJAX Link Checker and Storage infos +server and local times synchronised, fixed formatting +various http.php download function improvements +index.php redirects updated for case insensitive location: redirects +fixed a js/progressbar problem when uploading a file containing an apostrophe (') [see] +auul.php updated for ' in filenames (use base64 instead) +some minor .htaccess updates +some minor css updates Rev. 37 - (buggy test update) Rev.36 - 12/8/2008 +Upload-Plugin >,,,,,, +Added > Imageshack-torrent account to Auto-Download. +Fixed > Rev. 35 - 11/12/2008 +Download-Plugin >, vBulletin attachment (Set un/pass in config.php or Settings > Use Premium Account) +Upload-Plugin >,,, +Fixed > +Updated > index.php, main.php, config.php +RapidgetPro Upload-plugin >,,,,,,,,, Rev. 34 - 11/5/2008 +Upload-Plugin > cURL), Rev. 33 - 10/30/2008 +Upload-Plugin > +Download-Plugin > Premium-plugin (by doum-ti-di-li-doom) +Some php4 compatibility fixes. (thanx to doum-ti-di-li-doom) Rev. 32 - 10/28/2008 +Config.php > Auto-Rename (prefix/suffix) +Updated > http.php, ftp.php, Rapidshare-Plugin +Some minor fixes. Rev. 31 - 10/21/2008 +Download-Plugin > (only premium) +Config.php > Auto-Delete(by doum-ti-di-li-doom) Rev. 30 +Upload-Plugin > (premium & free account) +Download-Plugin > +Fixed > +Some minor fixes. ---by doum-ti-di-li-doom: +Download-Plugin > +Fixed > Rev. 29 - 10/1/2008 +Upload-Plugin > +Download Plugin(by doum-ti-di-li-doom) > +fixed(by doum-ti-di-li-doom) >, Rev. 28 - 9/6/2008 +Upload-Plugin > and Free Account). +Download-Plugin (by doum-ti-di-li-doom) >,[Free&Premium],,,, . +http.php fixed. ---Update 1: upload-plugin fixed. ---Update 2: +Updated > http.php/other.php/upload.php ---Update 3: fixed. (by doum-ti-di-li-doom) updated. +LinkChecker fixed. ---Update 4: + Security update. Rev. 27 - 8/25/2008 +UploadLinks format changed from plain-text to html. +$download_dir_is_changeable fixed. (default: false) ---Update 1: +Some minor fixes. ---Update 2: +Some other fixes. Rev. 26 - 8/22/2008 +Upload-Section added. +Upload-Plugin >, +Config.php > Disable All Actions. +Some other fixes. ---Update 1: +PHPRAPIDGET Upload-Plugins Added. ---Update 2: fixed. Rev. 25 - 8/18/2008 added. added. MP4 fixed. fixed. Rev. 24 - 8/17/2008 premium added.(netload_in.php updated) +config.php updated. ($premium_acc["netload"]) Rev. 23 - 8/9/2008 added. added. fixed. +Some other fixes. Rev. 22 - 7/29/2008 +Link Checker added. (coded by dman biatches) premium fixed. fixed. --Update 1 -main.php fixed. Rev. 21 - 7/10/2008 +Security update: _Config.php -> check forbidden-filetypes before unzipping. updated. Rev. 20 - 7/3/2008 +Fixed: Rev. 19 - 6/27/2008 updated. +http.php updated. +Basic Authentication for audl.php. +Big-File Split Problem Fixed. (by Kingstone) Rev. 18 - 6/16/2008 +MD5 hash added. +config.php > Bandwidth saving. updated. Rev. 17 - 6/9/2008 added. added. fixed. +index.php fixed and now you can use any port in the Direct-URL. (like this: +config.php > Auto-Download Premium Accounts. Rev. 16 - 6/4/2008 fixed. --Update 5 +mirror-server-list fixed. --Update 4 +Rapidshare Download-button fixed. --Update 3 premium updated. (now support both direct and indirect mode) +Some minor bugs fixed. --Update 2 +Waiting-time fixed. --Update 1 +RS Happy Hour fixed. Rev. 15 - 6/2/2008 torrent plugin updated. (Use only final-direct-download-link, NOT updated. +List style changed. +Unzip files - beta.(zip archive will be extracted to your DOWNLOAD directory - '$download_dir' > default: 'files/') Rev. 14 - 6/1/2008 +PluginOptions > Cookie Value (like: b658b369856766f621ca292fac113a5c, that contains un&pass of premium account and can be shared with others, because it's an encrypted value). plugin updated. +You can set Imageshack-account and Megaupload-cookie in config.php. fixed. +MassRename.(batch file extension rename) +Server Info. (space, cpu-load, time - you can disable it, see config.php) Rev. 13 - 5/30/2008 +PluginOptions > Disable All Plugins. Rev. 12 - 5/30/2008 +Imageshack torrent plugin added. Rev. 11 - 5/27/2008 added. added. updated. Rev. 10 - 5/23/2008 +Security update. Rev. 9 - 5/21/2008 updated. +Options.php fixed. fixed. Rev. 8 - 5/19/2008 added. added. Rev. 7 - 5/18/2008 +Megashares plugin updated. +disable_deleting option fixed. +Error style changed. +RapidgetPro Auto-Download added. Rev. 6 - 5/14/2008 added. +cURL module is not needed anymore for plugin. +New option: disable file deletion. (config.php) Rev. 5 - 5/9/2008 fixed. +array_walk error fixed. Rev. 4 - 5/9/2008 +Youtube fixed. +PluginOptions > youtube HQ video. Rev. 3 - 5/8/2008 +RSCaptcha-image directory changed. Rev. 2 : +Logo fixed. Rev. 1 : added.

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