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How To Make Windows 7 Faster in response

These days most computers system has come up windows7cwith a lot of RAM installed. 2GB of memory is the minimum that people are currently asking. Windows 7 to use more ram and speed up the Windows 7 operating system is much faster and more stable than previous versions.

But Windows will use only a defined amount of memory even though we have much more. What is the remaining memory is maintained as such? Keep programs in memory make the system much faster and responsive as we do not have to search for data on your hard drive slow.

Windows 7 can not set a custom format for the file system cache. One of our readers suggested a great tip to make Windows 7 use more ram and making the system much faster and responsive than ever. This tweak also works for Windows Vista.

So here's how we can apply the tweak to Windows 7.

1.Click Start and type in “cmd” and you will see the command prompt icon.

2.Right Click the cmd icon and choose “Run as Administrator“.

Now in the command prompt windows type in the following command.

fsutil behavior set memoryusage 2

3.Now restart windows 7.

Using the following query will give you the current value.

fsutil behavior query memoryusage


Note:Always make sure you have enough RAM 2 GB or more before this tweak.

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