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z-o-o-m´s File & Image Uploader 5.6.8 tool which makes it easy to upload to all servers

File & Image Uploader is an uploading tool which makes it easy to upload to rapidshare, megaupload etc.
File Uploader 

  • The most comprehensive and the best program of its kind
  • Supports more than 250 servers (Czech and international)
  • Possibility to use premium accounts
  • Possibility of parallel uploading
  • Usually much faster then uploading via browser or original file-upload tool
  • No ads*, easy to use, multi-language environment
  • Technical assistance (possibility to add functions, servers at the request)

z-o-o-m´s File & Image Uploader Help Settings and functions may vary depending on version

 Supported file hosting +account
2Shared +account +account
Big & +account +account +account +account +account +account +account +account
DepositFiles +account
DigiSofts.Net +account +account +account
Easy-Share +account +account +account
enterupload +account +account +account +account
File Dropper +account
FileFactory +account +account +account +account
File +account +account +account +account
File Shaker +account
FileStock.RU +account +account +account +account +account +account +account
GigaSize +account +account +account +account +account +account +account
KewlShare +account +account
LoadFiles.IN +account +account
MediaFire +account +account +account +account
MegaShares +account +account +account
Midload +account +account +account +account +account +account +account
Plunder +account +account +account +account +account +account +account
RGhost +account +account +account
SendSpace +account +account
Anime Share
Shareator +account
ShareCash.Org +account +account +account +account +account
Share-Rapid +account
SharingMatrix +account +account
Sling +account +account +account +account +account +account +account +account +account +account +account +account +account +account +account
ultrashare.NET +account +account +account +account +account +account +account +account
UploadBox +account +account +account +account +account +account +account
BizHat +account
UppIT +account +account +account +account
Web-Share +account +account +account +account
Yabadaba +account
ZOMG +account +account +account +account +account
NetGull +account

Multiple file hosting upload services
FunkyUpload +account
Upload Happy +account
UploadShareFiles.Com +account
Mirror a File
Mirror Creator
Mirror +account
Share2many +account +account

and more Supported image hosting

bayimg +account
Image Boo
ImageShack +account +account
Image Upload
Porn Img Host

Supported video hostings

  • video
  • +account
  • +account
  • +account
  • +account
  • +account
  • +account

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