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Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP3 Integrated March 2011 Corporate-BIE

winxp Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP3 Integrated March 2011 Corporate-BIE - 622.94 MB
How To:
1 Extract Files
2 Burn Image to CD
3 Boot from CD
4 Install...
have fun!…

Download – File Size: 622.94 MB 

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  1. جامد والله يا سبايدر بالتوفيق يا ماو

  2. How can i remove windows xp from my laptop and reinstall windows Me -the laptops original software?

  3. @Silver MLM

    insert the system recovery disks if you have these and follow the instructions. This will completely remove all existing Windows XP profiles and will restore your laptop back to factory state after a full system restor


    1- Back up all the files you want onto another hard drive, CD, DVD or flash drive. Uninstalling Windows XP will erase all of your operating system and other files.

    2- Insert a Windows XP installation CD into the laptop's CD drive. Restart the laptop. Look at the screen for information listing what key to hit to enter setup. Hit that key and go through the menu choices to find the boot order. Change the boot order to make the CD or DVD drive the first device. Choose to exit and save. Restart the laptop.

    3- Follow the instruction on the screen when the Windows XP setup program starts. If the computer screen first says to push the space bar to boot from the CD, then press the space bar. After this, hit the "Enter" key to accept the license agreement. After the Windows XP disc loads some files, it will ask where to install Windows. Choose your hard drive, then choose the option to format the drive. Formatting will delete the original version of Windows XP and everything else on the drive. After formatting, you can exit if you wish.

    4- Choose to continue installing Windows after formatting, and setup will install a new copy of Windows XP. You can also exit and restart again later, then finish installing Windows XP without formatting (because you already did it in Step 3). Either way, you will need to enter your XP serial number during installation.

  4. No links are working :( please reupload....!!!

  5. Hello! I really wan to download this, but all the links are not working. PLEASE Update :)

  6. file deleted! please move to medaifire!


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