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Get Free Megaupload Premium Membership MegaKey - Unlimited Downloads

How to get free Megaupload Premium Membership MegaKey

Megakey is your access to
- Free Premium SERVICE
- Unlimlted Mega Sites
It comes with a lot of great features, easy to use and lightning fast.

what are the benefits of megakey to you?

it removes limitations on megaupload and megavide.
it provides happy hour premium access to all mega sites.
it allows for ultra fast up & downloads thanks to multiplexing technology.
It identifies musuic files on your PC and make themavailable in your megabox.
It gives you a direct connection to mega servers.
no delays and availability. In the future you get free access to movies, music and games licensed by mega.

What features does megakey include?

with a right click of your mouse you can:
fetch files, videos, pictures & music from the net to your mega accout.
copy third party mega links to your mega account and receive a new link.
create a screenshot of a webpage or your screen and send it to megapix
sync all the music you buy and download this your megabox account.
backup any filre or folder on your pc to your mega account.

Megakey is your dream come true.

Unlock mega premium services by installing Megakey on your PC

The program essentially offers premium services to all Megaupload members free of charge and only requires a simple download:

1- First must download this program  from Here

after setup go to Login or Signup If you do not have an account

2-  Right Click on system tray Icon Megakey and Choose Megakey Benefits

This screen will appear and Select all choices as the image and press ok

 3- Now check your account megaupload Will appear Emotion Happy hour


Now you can free download like Premium Membership

Note: Download full speed you must use Internet Download Manager latest version

Have Fun!! 


  1. I did everything shown in the post but nothing happened, some help please ?

  2. @Anonymous
    Apply all steps and try again

  3. It only works during happy hours of the time 7:30PM if your in PST time.


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