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New Alertpay/Payza PrePaid Card - International Payza PrePaid Card Services. Payza Prepaid Card Served Countries

Available countries For Alertpay/Payza Prepaid Card services, buying and shopping online with low fees and no limits.

Alertpay/Payza says:

Pre-register for the Alertpay/Payza PrePaid Card

Pre-registration is now open for 48 countries. There will be more countries added in 2012. Pre-register to increase your chances of being the first to be able to take advantage of the USD or CAD currency card. If pre-selected, you will be the first to be notified when the card is available for ordering. There are no fees associated with pre-registering for the card.
The number of cards for each country is limited, therefore take action now to reserve your card!

Countries where Alertpay/Payza PrePaid Card are Supported

Countries where AlertPay PrePaid Card are Supported
Pre-registration is available to only 48 countries for now. Eligible members will see a pre-registration banner appear when they log in to their Alertpay/Payza Account. Click on the banner to learn more about the card or to pre-resgister.
If you do not see a banner when you log in to your account, this means you are not eligible to pre-register for the card.

Access your funds anytime, anywhere pic-access-your-funds-anytime

Available in USD and CAD, the Alertpay/Payza PrePaid Card is a safe and convenient way to make international payments.
Members can load up to $5,000 CAD or USD on to the card, directly from their AlertPay E-Wallet, and shop anywhere VISA or MasterCard cards are accepted. Use the card to make online or in-store purchases anywhere in the world without exposing your personal information.

Buying and Shopping online with low fees

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