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Ordering the AlertPay/Payza Prepaid Card - How do I order my AlertPay/Payza Prepaid Card?


Ordering your new Prepaid Card is easy! Just follow these steps:

1. Login to your Payza account.

2. Click on “Get The Card” from the banner that appears on your "Home" page.

3. Select which type of Prepaid Card you what (USD or CAD currency card).
4. Verify your identity by entering the type of “Photo ID” you will be submitting and the “ID number”, attach a scanned copy of your photo ID by browsing your documents and a scanned copy of a “Proof of Address”, and click on “Next Step”. If you chose to get a CAD Card, please also select the name that you want to appear on the card first.

5. Confirm your shipping information by confirming your address and then clicking on "Next Step". Please note that if you change the address, the new address will become your profile address and your proof of address must match the shipping address.

6. Provide the method of payment you wish to use for the one-time setup fee and also select the type of shipping you want; enter in your Transaction PIN and select ‘Complete’.

7. After this you will be taken to the “Complete” page.

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