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Get Letitbit Free Premium Code Every Day - New Year Campaign! 2013 Giveaway From Letitbit

From 20th till 31st of December New year campaign passes. Every day you can get 1 FREE premium code, that you can use as you want: download your favorite files, present it to friends or sell.

  • You must have an Letitbit account, you can register new account from here but must have at least 1 download in the day of getting premium code

Terms of the campaign:
  1. You must have at least 1 download in the day of getting premium code
  2. You can get only 1 premium code per day
  3. All premium codes are valid till 1st of February
  4. Amount of traffic at premium code depends on the date of getting it. Every day it increases by 2013 megabytes. So premium code received on the 20th of December contains 8 gigabytes of traffic,
    21st of December - 10,013 Gb
    22nd of December - 12,026 Gb
    30th of December - 28,13 Gb
    31st of December - 31 Gb
  5. Premium code are activated
  6. Usage of premium code is limited only by your imagination
This campaign will have no impact to your earnings. However, if you are sure in the opposite, we guarantee recalculation of your statistic in the case of reducing your earnings during the campaign. All questions related to recounting will be reviewed after the 1st of February only if the quantity of downloads will be permanent during the campaign.

If you have already active account click on the image below
Get free premium code

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