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How to Recover & Restore Your Deleted Files on Windows, USB Flash,SD Card or external storage media

UndeleteMyFiles Pro

If you have accidentally any deleted files from your Windows computer or USB flash memory, or other external storage device, and do you want search for specific deleted files. there’s an easy way to recover those files by using a amazing free tool its called UndeleteMyFiles Pro.

UndeleteMyFiles Pro is a free professional tool to recover accidentally deleted files from hard disks, USB flash drives, CF and SD cards and other storage media, just two-step process that enables you recover any files.You delete an very important file accidentally with shift delete function With this tool, you can finding and recovering that deleted file can be as simple as a few clicks of your mouse.

In this tutorial will show you How to recover missing, lost or deleted data/files unless when delete it with Shift+Delete.

UndeleteMyFiles Pro Features:

  • 100% Free
  • Quick and easy way to find and recover deleted file s.
  • Recover media files in a few very easy steps.
  • File recovery from Missing or Lost folders.
  • File Search - that's allow you to find specific deleted files information.
  • Files Wiper Allows you to delete any files permanently for ever without any chances of recovery it again.

        How can I recover deleted files (with Shift+Delete) ? the answer: Yes of course


        How to use UndeleteMyFiles Pro to restore your deleted files?

        1. Download the program and install it.
        2. Launch UndeleteMyFiles and click on File Rescue icon.
          UndeleteMyFiles Pro - File Rescue icon

        3. Select the drive letter, Which contains the deleted file and click Scan.
          UndeleteMyFiles Pro - drive letter

        4. Now you must see a list of files that were deleted from the selected drive, then select the files you want to restore it and click on Recover.
          UndeleteMyFiles Pro - select files to recover
        5. The Browse For Folder Dialog will appear, select a folder to save the recovered file(s) and click on OK.
          UndeleteMyFiles Pro - select folder to restore the filesNotice: Always remember It’s recommended that you save the recovered file to a different location than the original one.

        6. Question If you want files to be recovered directly at the specified location Click on yes.
          UndeleteMyFiles Pro - Question selected files

        7. When the recovery process is completed, a dialog box will displays information about the process. Click OK.
          UndeleteMyFiles Pro - displays information about the process

        8. Go to the specified folder you will see your recovered file(s)


        UndeleteMyFiles Pro - recovered files

        is there an amazing Feature you can also search for specific deleted files by clicking the Deleted File Search icon in Main menu.


        UndeleteMyFiles Pro

        Download UndeleteMyFiles Pro Now

        Finally Don't let this happen again, you must think about the best method of data recovery is a good data backup. can you try Google Drive or Dropbox to save your data.

        Have you ever recovered deleted files from the hard drive? What software did you use to do it? Tell us your experience of file recovery in the comments below.

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