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AdFly – Easy Way to Make a Profit from Share your Links on The Internet - PayPal, Payoneer or Liberty Reserve

AdFly - Get paid from share your links on the Internet

If you are a blogger, webmaster Certainly you're thinking many times about how to make a profit from your site to be able to pay for hosting, services, etc. Even if you don't have a site you can profit with AdFly by share links through  popular forums or social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. so now you can earn some money for each visitor to your shortened links with! Use a URL shortener service that pays.

Get Paid to Share your links on The Internet With AdFly

  • Free & Easy To Register
  • Pays Out For Every Country
  • Earn When Someone leaves your website
  • 20% Commission from your Referrals For life

Why AdFly?

  • More than 1 Million Users.
  • Professional simple interface and easy to use.
  • Active forums and Very Fast Support.
  • Advertisers can Create Campaigns too. Pay for real visitors on your website, our comprehensive fraud filters ensures high quality traffic. Campaigns start at only $5.
  • Detailed statistics are provided per link. Allowing you at a glance see the amount you've earned, referring URLs and countries.
  • Website Scripts and Easy-to-use API.
  • Low Minimum Payout You are required to earn only $5 before you will be paid.
  • Payment methods pay to all users via PayPal, Payoneer card or Liberty Reserve.

AdFly-Payment PayPal-Payoneer-LibertyReserve


So what are you waiting for!? Start Creating and sharing links today! - shorten links and earn money! Click here and Join and Make Some Cash Now!

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