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How to Further Protect Your Yahoo Account Email from Hacking – Easy Way

Protect Your Yahoo Account Email 2013

By adding a mobile number to your account it allows us to instantly send a code directly to your mobile phone if you forget your password or if you become locked out for any reason Also with this new feature you will get your PEACE OF MIND and stay protected from any attempt to Hack your Yahoo Account even if the hacker knows your Password he Will not be able to login without your Mobile.This second sign-in verification will further protect your account from unauthorized access and never lose access to your account and Increase/extra E-Mail Security.


why should i enable (activate) Second Sign-in Verification?

Second Sign-In Verification is an optional security tool that helps you to Protect your Yahoo! account against hackers & phishing attempts alos from being compromised.

  • It's easy, because you'll always have your phone with you.
  • Receiving a code via text message is fast, simple and secure.
  • A code will be sent to you in seconds to unlock your account immediately

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So Now How To turn on the second sign-in Verification in Your Yahoo Account?

  1. Login to Your Yahoo Account.
  2. Go to your Yahoo Account Info. or Add Your Mobile Directly Now
  3. Now in Sign-In and Security Tab, you will find the Set up your second sign-in verification Beta Option, click on it.
    Yahoo - Setup your second sign-in verification

  4. Now Click on the checkbox "Check this box to turn on the second sign-in verification" :
    Yahoo - Check box to turn on the second sign-in verification
  5. Now you will see a small window pops up, you can use current phone or use new phone number.

    Yahoo - Add  Current or New Phone

    Yahoo - Enter code you received

  6. After Verify your code phone you will see two options in Further Protect your Account Page.
  • Use either my security question or mobile phone number for verification.
  • Use only my mobile phone number for verification.

Yahoo - Mobile Phone Verified

Notice: If you’re country not available in the list use this page to add your phone. (see Step #2)

That’s all, you successfully enabled Two step your yahoo email account proteted from being hacked.

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