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Download Firefox 21.1 Free Web Browser - Faster, More Reliable, And More Customizable

Download Firefox 21.1 Free Web Browser - Faster, More Reliable, And More Customizable

Mozilla Firefox 23.0.1 is definitely one of the most popular browsers in every corner of the world, as it provides excellent browsing speed and very powerful customization tools, with just a reasonable footprint on computer resources.Firefox is amazingly fast and blocks pop-ups, viruses and spyware, but also gives the user an extraordinary power of customization through a well-developed add-on manager. Basically, you can change almost everything in your browser, starting with the way it looks and ending with features and functionality.

What’s New Change Log Firefox 21.1

  • FIXED 23.0.1 - Rendering glitches on H.264 video only in FF23 on Vista (901944)
  • FIXED 23.0.1 - Spellchecking broken with non-ASCII characters in profile path (902532)
  • FIXED 23.0.1 - Audio static/"burble"/breakup in Firefox to Firefox WebRTC calls (901527)
  • NEW Mixed content blocking enabled to protects users from man-in-the-middle attacks and eavesdroppers on HTTPS pages (learn more)
  • NEW Options panel created for Web Developer Toolbox
  • CHANGED "Enable JavaScript" preference checkbox has been removed and user-set values will be reset to the default
  • CHANGED Updated Firefox Logo
  • CHANGED Improved about:memory's functional UI
  • CHANGED Simplified interface for notifications of plugin installation
  • CHANGED Enabled DXVA2 on Windows Vista+ to accelerate H.264 video decoding
  • CHANGED Users can now switch to a new search provider across the entire browser
  • CHANGED CSP policies using the standard syntax and semantics will now be enforced
  • CHANGED "Load images automatically" and Always show the tab bar" checkboxes removed from preferences and reset to defaults. Want to hide one tab? Try this add-on.
  • CHANGED <input type='file'> rendering improvements (see bug 838675)
  • DEVELOPER HTML5 <input type="range"> form control implemented
  • DEVELOPER Implemented a global browser console
  • DEVELOPER Social share functionality
  • DEVELOPER Added unprefixed requestAnimationFrame
  • DEVELOPER Write more accessible pages on touch interfaces with new ARIA role for key buttons
  • DEVELOPER Dropped blink effect from text-decoration: blink; and completely removed <blink> element
  • DEVELOPER New feature in toolbox: Network Monitor
  • FIXED Various security fixes
  • About Firefox 23.0.1

Requirements: Windows 2000 / XP / 2003 / Vista / Windows7 / XP64 / Vista64 / Windows7 64 + Firefox also is available to Mac OS X
and Linux.
Languages: en-US
License: Open Source


Download Now!

Download Mozilla Firefox 21.0.1 Final | size: 21.0 MB


Download Firefox in your language Firefox is available in more than 70 languages

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